Thursday, December 25, 2014

v.06 release (Merry Christmas!)

Hey there, everybody! With very little fanfare, but just in time for Christmas, it's time for the next public update!

Download v.06 of Crisis Point by clicking here!

v.06 is a bit smaller than I would have liked. I was already behind on work, and Thanksgiving travel threw off my schedule further. Regardless, it still contains some nice new content and I think you guys are going to enjoy it.

UPDATE v.06 CHANGES -Finish kick animation [partially done] + Warped Soldier detail
-Update crouching pose again
-Begin work on cumming animations
-Slime duo
-Design more of game map
-Plan out environmental hazards
-Create more content (areas)

As usual, in addition to the list of primary updates, here's what I'm working on for the upcoming New Years Patreon release:

-Finish rest of kick animation
-Add in Wire Shot upgrade
-Implement first boss
-Actually re-code collision engine for real this time, seriously
-Improve dialogue box graphics
-Add Warped Soldier cumming animation
-Possible new enemy? (depends on how long boss takes)
-Implement various environmental hazards
-Create more content (areas)

As you can see, the next update should be much more substantial. It will be released to Patrons in the first week of December, but keep in mind that you'll only get the update then if they're signed up for the campaign before December 1st. If not, it'll come to the public as usual on January 25th.

Hope you're having a great holiday season, and Merry Christmas to you all!

Monday, November 24, 2014

v.05 release

Hey there, everyone! I'm currently prepping to leave the house on a Thanksgiving trip, and I won't have access to any of my files while I'm gone, so it's time to release v.05!

Download v.05 here!

-Add in melee attack [Fully implemented, not fully animated]
-Add in a non-knockdown "taking damage" animation
-Design, animate, and prep enemies for combat (Warped Soldier) [Most animations missing minor details, no melee attack yet]
-More sex animations (Warped Soldier)
-Begin designing first boss [Mostly planned out, partially coded, not yet sprited]
-Implement customizable controls
-Finish HUD
-Finish retiling areas
-Create more content (areas) - Introducing the Summit!

Because of the craziness of last month, I had to move a few things to the next update, because of a lack of time - mostly animation work. Now, for v.06, I'm focusing on things that will be relatively easy to do, in the hopes of giving myself some time to catch up. That doesn't mean there won't be a good amount of new content, though!

-Finish kick animation + Warped Soldier detail
-Update crouching pose again
-Begin work on cumming animations
-Work on first boss more, hopefully finish and fully implement (unlikely)
-Re-code collision engine
-Design more of game map
-Plan out environmental hazards, perhaps implement?
-Create more content (areas)

Now that v.05 is out, I'm gonna be offline for the next week or so, so don't expect much from me until then. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Soldiers and Summits

Hey there, everyone. Time for a pre-v.05 update.

This is the Warped Soldier. I'll let you ruminate over what exactly has him so warped, but rest assured he has nothing good in mind for Alicia. The Warped Soldier fights with two separate weapons; a 3-shot laser rifle, and a stun baton. He tends to keep his distance, shooting at Alicia until she's knocked down, but if she decides to get in close he'll attempt a melee strike with the stun rod, which can instantly knock her down if she gets hit by it.

Personally, I think he's one of my favorite enemy designs so far, offering tricky combat and an interesting look into what's really going on with this planet.

In addition to that, there's one other thing I'm going to be showing off.
This is a screenshot from the Summit, the second area Alicia visits in her quest. The Summit is jam-packed with ruins, floating platforms, and surprisingly advanced technology, only one of which is visible in this screenshot. Between cramped indoor corridors and vast, open areas, there's plenty to see.

Anyway, for those of you who don't remember, the public release of v.05 will be around the 25th of November. See you then!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

v.04 public release

Hey everybody! Sorry for posting a bit later than usual, but it's time for the public v.04 update! Unfortunately I'm exhausted as all hell and currently running on fumes, so the actual post from me will be brief and also copy-pasted between the different forums I update on. Sorry for the temporary laziness, pls to be forgiving <3

Download v.04 here!
And here's a list of all the major things I accomplished in v.04.

-Add in Force Shot upgrade
-Add sliding
-Update crouching animation
-New HUD
-Design, animate, and prep enemies for combat (tentacles)
-Add in lighting system
-Improve camera
-Fix the visual glitches zoom-in is causing
-More sex animations (tentacles, slime duo)
-Create more content (areas), begin re-tiling areas

Some of you may notice that last one, "begin re-tiling areas". That is because, in light of Dace leaving the project, I began working with another artist last month, an extremely talented fellow named Orexius. He did a fucking fantastic job of plowing through the necessary tiles and getting them ready for the v.04 update, but there unfortunately wasn't enough time for me to re-tile every room, as he joined in the last week or so before the update. Because of that, some rooms will be the older tiles that Dace made - but hopefully you'll agree with me that the newly tiled rooms look fantastic, and fit the style of Crisis Point better than ever.

Once you've finished enjoying the v.04 update, here's a list of the things you can look forward to when v.05 comes out:

-Add in melee attack
-Add in a non-knockdown "taking damage" animation
-Design, animate, and prep enemies for combat (Warped Soldier)
-More sex animations (Warped Soldier)
-Begin designing first boss (won't be accessible ingame yet)
-Re-code collision engine
-Implement customizable controls
-Finish HUD
-Create more content (areas), finish re-tiling areas, introduce new environment

If any of that sounds enticing, now's the time to pop over to the Patreon campaign and join up - only Patrons who have joined before the month ends will be able to access the v.05 update before it goes public!
(Sorry to keep spewing rhetoric with that, I just want to make sure there's no confusion about the new distribution system I'm using.)

Anyway, that's enough out of me. I'm tired and retreating under the sheets for a nice nap. Enjoy the game, everybody!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Force Shot

A new month has begun, and that means a new Patreon update - which means last month's development updates will be making their way to the public. Let's begin with an update that was very exciting for me, personally.
(Make sure you view it as an mp4 for smoother quality)

This is a link showing off the special effect I pulled off for Alicia's new upgrade, the Force Shot. Upon firing, the Force Shot zooms forward for a short distance before 'exploding.' Rather than a traditional gunpowder-fueled explosion, however, the Force Shot is a heavily-condensed ball of kinetic energy - for simplicity's sake, referred to as 'force'. The intense amount of energy being released is what causes the distortion effect seen above. This blast of force deals heavy damage to enemies caught in it, and is powerful enough to knock down weakened walls and floors. It comes with limited ammunition - which can be upgraded by finding upgrade capsules scattered around the environment.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

New public update (v.03)

Evening, everybody! Time for another public Crisis Point update!

Download v.03 by clicking here

Now that the control scheme has changed quite a bit, I'll go ahead and list the controls for you all again:

WSAD - Movement, aiming. Rapidly tap to struggle when KO'd/being raped.
K - Jump. Double jump in midair, jump through thin platforms when holding Down (S).
J - Shoot.
L - Diagonal aim button. Forces Alicia to aim diagonally when held, maintains last direction held.
F4 - Switch between fullscreen/windowed.
R - Restart game.
Escape - Quit game.

Unfortunately, my background artist recently left the project, so the art hasn't changed all that much. However, I hope you all enjoy v.03 regardless. I'll leave you with the goals list for this update, as an overview of the major changes that have been made.

-Update shooting animations, poses; add shooting straight down in midair
-Design, animate and prep enemies for combat (slimes)
-Finish planning out progression from start to finish (upgrades + world traversal roadmap)
-Rework controls into WSAD, prepare for customizable controls
-More sex animations (slime)
-Implement health-restoration items
-Draw Alicia's base portrait for conversations
-Create more content (areas)

(The background music playing is temporary. It's called 'Babylon,' and is composed by Kevin MacLeod. You can find it at I'm just using it to give you an idea of what the music style I'm going for is, until I can compose my own or hire a musician.)

One last note before I head off. Does anybody really follow this blog anymore? The comment numbers have been dwindling like crazy ever since I started the Patreon campaign - less than 10 comments each post, including mine. I know a lot of you are lurkers, so if you're still interested in me keeping the blog up to date, please let me know. If not, I'm likely going to stop updating here soon.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New public update!

For those of you still following the blog, the previously Patron-exclusive update has finally made its way to the public tonight! Here's v.02 for your playing pleasure.

Click here to get it

Controls are as follows:

-Arrow keys to move and struggle while being raped (warning: struggling during rape injures you! Once Alicia's health drops down to 0, she can no longer struggle and your only option is restarting.)
-Z to jump
-X to shoot
-C to use diagonal aiming
-F4 for fullscreen
-R to restart
-Escape to quit

I'm working with a background artist named Dace now. He's a pretty cool guy, and I have high hopes for the art of Crisis Point in the next few months. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy the update.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

New patreon update has arrived!

Hey guys! Quick update here to let you know that development on Crisis Point is still proceeding steadily. A new prototype update was released last night, and to coincide with that I figured I'd share a few of the pieces of information that have been posted during the early days of the Patreon campaign.

First off is the design of another planned enemy. This "friendly" plant lady will show up later on in the game.

Aside from that, my lovely ladyfriend has designed some fantastic cover art for the Patreon page, showing off Alicia's more intimidating side. This picture is already public, but I'll repost it here for your convenience.

Well, that's about all I have to say for now. Before I finish, I'd like to clarify the update schedules a bit more, just to avoid any confusion. I'm currently attempting to update Crisis Point about once a month, and every time a new Patron-exclusive update comes out, the previous update will be made available to the public. That means, ideally, it'll be about a month until the next playable update makes its way to non-patrons.

That's all from me for today. 'Til next time!

Sunday, June 29, 2014


hey everybody, big update: the patreon campaign has begun!

updates posted here on my blog from now on will be behind. i know a lot of you are used to following me here, and you're more than welcome to keep doing that, but backing on patreon will be the only way to get up-to-date information - there wouldn't be much point to backing it otherwise. however, it'll only cost $1 per game update to get all of the information i post, and for $10 ($5 if you're fast enough to get the early-access tier) you can get access to the newest prototype downloads and development livestreams, as well.

please forgive the early stages of the campaign if things are a little messy. i'm still figuring out how to use the site, so it might be a little rough around the edges, but i'll figure things out and get it running smoothly asap. hope to see you there!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

update + patreon status

been a while since i posted a public update, so i figured i'd shoot up a post showing off some of what i've been working on. sex, sex, sexy sex. incomplete sex, but still sex. so yes, that means no comments about the gravity-defying hair please and thank you. the scene is implemented ingame and fully voiced, but that update won't be posted for a while so you'll just have to be patient <3

in other news, i'm starting a Patreon profile! for those of you who've never heard of it, Patreon is a magnificent website that functions sort of like Kickstarter, but rather than setting an end date for funding, it's delivered on a per-update (or monthly) basis. this means you can sign up to donate $1, $5, $10, or any number you choose to a creator - and every time they post an update (or the month comes to an end,) you'll gain access to said update and your pledge will be sent to them automatically. you gain access to reward tiers based on the amount you offer (the cheapest usually being just $1) and you can cancel your pledge or change the amount at any time. it's fucking great. personally, i'll be using the per-update model, as i feel it's more fair to the people pledging, ensuring i won't be getting your money if i'm not delivering any updates.

my hope for this is that it will be more convenient for people who want to donate, as well as cheaper, and that it can bring me one step closer to making a living off of Crisis Point and future projects. the semi-negative is that, to make pledging worthwhile, once the Patreon campaign starts, i won't be updating here or on ulmf as frequently. the good news is that the basic reward tier will be only $1, and gets you access to all the basics: namely, the newest updates and information on development. hopefully you guys will understand why i'm choosing to do this. i'd love to make the development of these games a priority for me, and Patreon is a fantastic and user-friendly way for me to make that happen.

so yeah. yadda yadda crowdfunding and all that. progress on Crisis Point is proceeding steadily, mostly working on a lot of behind the scenes stuff you guys wouldn't find all that interesting like level transitions, world map design, enemy coding, etcetera etcetera. so while i work on all that jazz, you sit here and enjoy the animation! really happy with the way her tits turned out, myself.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Crisis Point: Extinction - v.01

update time!

Crisis Point: Extinction - v.01

controls are as follows:

arrow keys - movement and aiming, struggle when knocked down/being raped
Z key - jump (hold down and press to jump through thin platforms)
X key - shoot (only 3 bullets are allowed onscreen at once)
C key - diagonal aim (holding this key forces you to aim diagonally, pressing up or down changes which direction)
H key - switch between fully clothed and half naked
E key - spawn blue enemy at mouse cursor
1/2/3 keys - switch between blaster upgrade levels
F4 - fullscreen
Escape - close


new features.. too many to remember, honestly. there's a pretty good chunk of stuff though, so i'll list off what i remember.

-basic enemy "chase" AI is implemented, though incomplete.
-the rape scene is fully functional, including struggling, escape, voices, sound effects, and enemy climax (the climax IS NOT FULLY ANIMATED yet, so no complaints about that, please.)
-double jumping
-finished jumping animation
-upgradable weapon, increases damage done per shot
-crouching system
-player can be knocked down; no health or deaths yet
-minor animation glitches fixed
-(partially incomplete) background art

there's still a bit of stuff missing, mainly with the half-clothed animations, but everything should be functioning perfectly (note that the tentacle plant doesn't do anything yet, it just animates).

thanks again to all of you on the blog for your words of support, and to those kind few of you who donated: you have my eternal gratitude! i'm feeling reinvigorated and motivated to keep working again, and i owe it all to you guys. these last couple of weeks have been rough, with one thing after another going wrong, but things are starting to look up!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

feeling.. trapped

i know most of you probably don't care, but i'm sure this is an issue a lot of us deal with at some point in our lives. i'm feeling very trapped.

on one hand, there is Crisis Point, the thing i want to do. on the other hand is maplesim, what the majority of you want me to make. i'm going to be honest here. i need money. desperately. we don't have enough to make rent this month and i'm selling about half of the stuff i own to try and make up for it. somebody just offered me $50 in donations to start working on maplesim again.. meanwhile, not a single donation has shown up for crisis point. as much as i want to keep working on it, i can't expect to see any money for it for months, at the very least. it's an ambitious project and my only hope of income from it is finishing the game and hoping to god people buy it instead of pirating. meanwhile, people are already lining up to donate to maplesim.

maplesim robs me of creativity. it is literally there purely for the sake of fapping. art, game design, enemy design.. all of it exists within maplestory already. i have no creative control over anything but the sex scenes, and for a game designer like myself.. it's depressing, quite honestly. even if you ignore the uncertain legal waters i'd be getting myself into by asking for donations to maplesim, i still have no freedom with the project. i can't make the game of my dreams with it - or even a game i'm interested in. it would be purely for the money.

crisis point is so much fun to work on. i have unlimited arristic and design creativity with it. i can literally go anywhere and do anything with it and nobody can really say otherwise, there are no rules. but as much as i love it, fun doesn't pay my bills.. i'm feeling trapped. not sure where to go from here. :/

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


donation button? donation button. i added one on the upper right of the blog, seeing as everyone so far thought it was a good idea. nobody is obligated in the slightest to donate, but i wanted to lay down some clarification for those who choose to donate.

all donations sent to me, until further notice, will be used to further the development of Crisis Point: Extinction. this includes helping me pay for rent, food, and general life things, which will lower my need to work a 9-5 job and increase my free time. that free time will be spent working on my h-game projects, which will both speed up the development time and allow me more time to improve them. this means more enemies, more/better animations, more content - general improvements to everything.

to clarify, donating to the development is NOT the same as purchasing it. Crisis Point: Extinction will be a paid title, and i'm currently aiming to release it for a price of $15 - this number could change, however, if i feel that the price is too high or too low as development continues. i doubt the price will go any higher than that, though. i want it to be affordable enough that nobody feels the need to pirate it, as the more purchases i get, the more games i can make for you guys in the future!

anyway, i don't have any updates for the game right now. i've been playing a lot of Infamous: Second Son since the animation update, so i haven't gotten to work on it much. i just wanted to make sure everyone knows what the donations are and what they will be used for so nobody ends up feeling ripped off. if you have any questions before donating, feel free to ask them and i'll respond as soon as i can. thanks for all the support everybody!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

still in the game

sorry about the lack of updates lately, everybody! those of you who've been following my thread on linemarvel know what's up, but for the rest of you, i recently came down with a nasty case of food poisoning. it kept me out for about 4 days straight, and getting back into the groove of working has been tricky with all of the things going on for me lately. no need to worry about me though, i'm feeling great again now.

as far as Crisis Point goes, progress is beginning once again. i started animating the sex scene with bluedude tonight. it's not ready to show yet, but that could possibly come tomorrow, depending on how much time i get to work.

my plans for the sex scenes are to animate them with 4 frames each - similar to how Parasite in City and many other games do it. back in the days of maplesim, i usually worked with 4 or 6, depending on the animation. the reason for focusing on the smaller number is not because it's "the popular thing" to do, but because it's very practical. 4 frames is exactly enough to get smooth, sexy motion while avoiding putting too much effort in to it. the less time i have to spend on one individual animation, the more enemies i can implement.

anyway, i don't really have much to talk about at this point, so i'll just clarify a few points.

1) Crisis Point: Extinction will not be a free game. all demos and betas will be free (of course), but the final product will cost money. i haven't decided how much yet, but i'm leaning towards $15.

2) despite costing money, the DRM will be almost nonexistent. i refuse to hurt the people who buy my games legitimately through faulty DRM that won't even stop pirating. i hope the majority of you will choose to buy it rather than torrent it, though.

3) this is more of a question than anything. how would all of you feel about a donation button? money is tight as ever for me right now, but i'd love to be able to focus on this project (and any future ones) more. if donations could keep me afloat, i'd put all of that money towards making the game sooner and making it better.

well, that's all for today, not much else to say for the moment. i'll have some real updates for you guys soon.

EDIT: got a work-in-progress animation for ya, let me know what you all think! (note that a lot of detail isn't quite finished yet. i just wanted to actually get a visual update for everyone who's been waiting patiently)

Monday, May 26, 2014

sex concept + livestreaming

so i've been working on sex position concepts, after getting crouching implemented this morning. specifically, working on ones for the big blue guy.

the image probably explains it just fine, but how it would work is, once you start getting raped by a blue guy, it does the scene on the left. this scene continues until you push him off, he climaxes, OR another blue guy comes in. if another blue guy comes up to you while one is raping you, the scene changes, and they bend you over, stomach toward the sky, and spitroast you. this scene would likely be harder to escape, though that is up for debate.

any comments? like the idea? hate it? keep in mind they're just concepts, thus why they look unfinished. i haven't gone through the process of cleaning them up yet, so please no complaints about that. i just want to get community feedback before i actually animate it.

in other news, some of you may have noticed the new section off to the right. as it states, i set up a livestream account so you can all watch me while i'm spriting, programming, etc. i'll be using it fairly often until livestream notices the NSFW content and decides to shut it down. but until then, i'll keep the status updated, and i'll also be making an announcement post on the Unofficial Linemarvel Forums every time i start streaming.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

new prototype

hey all. sorry updates have been slow, i've been mostly working on stuff behind the scenes that nobody cares about. like the programming, lol. on a related note, new prototype time!

new features include ramps, improved movement coding, a full aiming+shooting system, sound effects, and a second, half naked set of animations. in other words, almost all basic functions are now implemented and fully functional. controls are as follows:

arrow keys - movement and aiming
Z key - jump (hold down and press to jump through thin platforms)
X key - shoot (only 3 bullets are allowed onscreen at once)
C key - diagonal aim (holding this key forces you to aim diagonally, pressing up or down changes which direction)
H key - switch between fully clothed and half naked
F4 - fullscreen
Escape - close

no h-scenes yet, but i'll be working on those soon. hope you enjoy what's there at least, and let me know if there are any bugs.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

potential redesign + skype

after getting some feedback from various sources, i've been reworking the main character sprite and color scheme to make it a bit more pleasing to the eyes - and hopefully a bit sexier, too. the main problems i saw were that her color scheme was a bit flat; the highlights on her body made her look like plastic, and the way her hair contoured to her face, along with the scowl she had, made her look far more masculine than she should.

with those changes in mind, i've redesigned her accordingly. thoughts/opinions?
in addition to that, i mentioned in an edit to my last post that i got a skype account. to be honest i haven't used skype much, so im not sure if it actually gives me a notification when anyone adds me. to be safe, if you add me, shoot me an email at to let me know what your skype handle is so i can add ya back. i'll be on skype whenever i'm working so it's more than likely you'll get sneak peaks of whatever it is i'm working on at the moment.

EDIT: here's a design for a potential enemy i worked on today, if anyone's interested.

Monday, May 19, 2014

advertisement (and basic engine)

so im interested in getting the word spread about this project. things are coming along nicely on my end and id like to see the comment count go up. anyone have any good ideas for a place i can post information to get some new viewers? i tried posting the nude designs to rule34 and gelbooru but they were both deleted for being an original character, so half of my usual demographic is dead in the water (thanks for that r34). if any of you want to send the project to your friends, family, co-workers, relatives, pets; feel free.

in other news, whoo work-in-progress-running-animation-that-was-about-6-hours-in-the-making (now updated with better boob jiggle)

final note, here's a download link to a simple engine i just spent the past hour or two on. let me know if you like the way everything feels so far.

EDIT: added my skype off to the right under contact info. feel free to get in touch

Sunday, May 18, 2014

thoughts of plots

im trying to design an outfit for this girl - who, until further notice, i am planning on using as the player character. to design her an outfit, im trying to figure out exactly WHO she is and what her goal is. im having a hard time with that part; making it believable and relatable, but still make the ultimate goal to have sex. i dont want the gameplay to be 'in the way' of enjoying the sex scenes like most H-games are.

with that said, here is my current idea:

once humankind gained the ability to travel to the stars, men were sent to new planets in an attempt to colonize and expand humanity's grasp. the plan backfired, and resulted in all males being wiped from existence/going MIA. as one of the most capable females remaining, you are sent to one of these planets in an attempt to find and rescue any surviving men, and find out what happened to them. this story would result in two possible endings - one where you avoid "alien" rape, save any men you find, and repopulate the human race. the other ending would be a scenario where, after having enough sex with the "alien" races you find on this planet, you create a sort of hybrid race between them and humans - humankind as we know it disappears, and is replaced by this hybrid race.

my goal with this ideal is that, if you simply want to play and enjoy all sex scenes, getting raped by aliens is NOT a detriment to the player. it will not kill you, you can see the sex scenes without dying, the only difference is that you will get an alternate ending. also of importance is that this ending is NOT considered a "bad" ending, just different. the 'pure' human ending would be more of a challenge ending. there would be no real content you wouldnt be able to see without doing it, but its there for players who enjoy the gameplay and want the challenge of avoiding rape.

how would you guys feel about it? does it sound like a feasible plot idea? i dont want the plot to be as paper-thin as most h-games are, although im not going for anything jrpg-deep. if you have any suggestions on how it could be improved, just plain like/dislike it, let me know.


Friday, May 16, 2014

new project?

ive been thinking.

maplesim is at a stand-still to me. after losing all of the files and being forced to rework everything, i cant find the inspiration or desire to keep working on it anymore. im not even 1/10th of the way through recreating what was lost.

in lieu of that, what would you, my loyal fanbase, think about a completely new and original project? following a similar platformer-action gameplay scheme maplesim would have taken on, i would design original characters, environments, animations, gameplay mechanics, etc etc. in essence, i would be starting from scratch.

i want all of your input on many different aspects of this: is it a good idea? what kind of character do you want to play as? boy? girl? should you be getting raped, doing the raping, getting 'rewarded' by npcs for your help? if i do start an original project, absolutely everything is up in the air for discussion, and i want all of you to be a part of the decision making so i can make the best game i can.

on a side note, for all of you wondering about my personal life, things are calming down. i might not be up to the same level of productivity i had back when i started, but i should be able to get some stuff done, at least. thanks for sticking with me.