Wednesday, October 24, 2012


jesus fucking christ have i been busy. no, not with maplesim - i barely got any time to work on it, hence the late-ass update. so, sorry for that. hope it was worth the wait.

-You can now save your current girl and load her easily later.
-Alternate Doggystyle animation, with her arms being pulled back (as pictured above.)
-Zoom in (finally!) Note that zooming in disables dialogue, due to lack of screen space.
-Angelica, Black Dual Blade, Bowlcut, Kitty Ears, Cygnus, Disheveled, Nymph, and Rose hairstyles added.
-Various layer issues fixed (more hairs should now work well with elf ears.)
-Third "no ears" option added for ears (looks like shit with most hairstyles; mostly added for the kitty ears.)
-Finally fixed the glitch where the doggystyle orgasm sound only played twice. It should now play 3 times like the others.

and i think thats about it. damn, the last blog post almost got to 100 comments, too. woulda been nice, but i cant deprive my adoring public any longer. happy fapping.