Tuesday, October 8, 2013

ideas and concepts

before i start any real work on a new maplesim, i want to get a clearer idea of the end goal in my head. obviously, the focus is and always will be maple hentai, but last time i jumped in head-first without so much as a thought. so this time, rather than keep my update plans mostly private, ill be talking them over with all of you to find out just how to proceed to make everything as good as it can be.

now, for the last few days, ive been brainstorming potential gameplay ideas. some of you want a rape game, and others want consensual sex as a reward. to this conundrum, i propose the following:

what if it were a player choice? say you came along a scenario where an npc was being attacked by a group of monsters. in the hands of the former players, they could simply let her be incapacitated and then have their way with her. the more chivalrous players would stop the attack, and potentially be rewarded for it.

this is a very rough concept, mind you, and certainly not all of the scenarios would play out the same way. in addition, there could just be wandering, unimportant, randomized npcs you could choose to either ignore, or rape. all sorts of possibilities for both styles to be accomodated. anyone have any comments or suggestions to improve the idea? maybe even scenarios you'd want to see realized?

in addition to that, i want to know exactly what KIND of gameplay you guys want. do you want a game in the style of maplestory, with mild platforming and action/rpg aspects? or were you all imagining something else entirely?

EDIT: guys, you have the wrong idea. when i said 'npc,' i meant other maple girls, like the ones you customize in the current version of maplesim, not npcs like Starling and Orchid. i wont be adding npcs like that for a long time, if ever - making them would require reanimating the sex scenes from scratch to fit their body shape and all, which means significantly slower updates. animating them takes time, y'know. sorry to disappoint.

Monday, October 7, 2013


if i begin work on maplesim again, would anyone miss the dialogue system if i were to not reimplement it for a while? i have to start the game from scratch and that systtem took quite a while to perfect, so ignoring it for a while would make other things come faster (like more customization, more positions, etc.)

just want to get community feedback here so im making the game you guys actually want.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

quick update

hey guys. i dont have any images to post today, i havent gotten much time to work on anything, but i added a few polls off to the right of the blog - im thinking about restarting maplesim eventually, and i want to know what the community values the most when it comes to the program before deciding.

thats it for today. cast your vote if you want to be heard, and comment here if you have an alternate answer that isnt listed.