Thursday, September 25, 2014

New public update (v.03)

Evening, everybody! Time for another public Crisis Point update!

Download v.03 by clicking here

Now that the control scheme has changed quite a bit, I'll go ahead and list the controls for you all again:

WSAD - Movement, aiming. Rapidly tap to struggle when KO'd/being raped.
K - Jump. Double jump in midair, jump through thin platforms when holding Down (S).
J - Shoot.
L - Diagonal aim button. Forces Alicia to aim diagonally when held, maintains last direction held.
F4 - Switch between fullscreen/windowed.
R - Restart game.
Escape - Quit game.

Unfortunately, my background artist recently left the project, so the art hasn't changed all that much. However, I hope you all enjoy v.03 regardless. I'll leave you with the goals list for this update, as an overview of the major changes that have been made.

-Update shooting animations, poses; add shooting straight down in midair
-Design, animate and prep enemies for combat (slimes)
-Finish planning out progression from start to finish (upgrades + world traversal roadmap)
-Rework controls into WSAD, prepare for customizable controls
-More sex animations (slime)
-Implement health-restoration items
-Draw Alicia's base portrait for conversations
-Create more content (areas)

(The background music playing is temporary. It's called 'Babylon,' and is composed by Kevin MacLeod. You can find it at I'm just using it to give you an idea of what the music style I'm going for is, until I can compose my own or hire a musician.)

One last note before I head off. Does anybody really follow this blog anymore? The comment numbers have been dwindling like crazy ever since I started the Patreon campaign - less than 10 comments each post, including mine. I know a lot of you are lurkers, so if you're still interested in me keeping the blog up to date, please let me know. If not, I'm likely going to stop updating here soon.