Tuesday, August 25, 2015

New animation + Stream announcement

Hey guys! Sorry it took me so long to post this, I've been meaning to do it since the last stream ended but there's been a lot of stuff keeping me busy over the past few days.


This is the animation I worked on during my stream on the weekend. I did a few touchups post-stream, but it was mostly done by the time it ended. Since it was the first public stream, a lot more people showed up than usual - I don't want to say anything definitive yet, but if things work out, I think there may be some good news in the near future because of it!

In any case, me and Orexius are planning on hosting another stream this Thursday, beginning at 6pm EDT, as per usual. I'm still behind on this month's update, so I'll probably try to fit in at least one more stream in addition to this by the end of the month, since I tend to be much more productive on stream. Thanks for your patience guys, and I'll make another post around the time the next stream begins!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

v.14 info dump & Livestream announcement!

Hey everybody! Got a few new pieces of information for you today - all the information from last month's Patron-exclusive update, and one bit so far from this month.

Before anything else, I'd like to announce that I'm hosting a development livestream this Thursday from 6pm EDT until.. whenever it ends! For those of you who are interested in watching, you can click here for the link, and if you follow the channel it should notify you by email when the stream begins - or you can just show up around the time I mentioned, if you don't feel like signing up for an account.

Now, on to the visual stuff! (Sorry, you'll have to click the links this time - the blogger editor is a horrendous pile of garbage that intentionally makes this as difficult as possible.)

I honestly didn't post too much about v.14 last month, but I'll just dump everything from the Patreon that month here right now, and then I can get on track with keeping public and patreon updates happening at the same time.

Comparison of the old Fly BE scene with the new, fuller breasts

Work-in-progress loop of the Alraune BE scene

Some of the detail animations given to Alicia in v.14, specifically in her running animations and transitions

That's all of the visual stuff from last month. Now, here's the info on what v.15 will contain for those donating enough to get it:

        -Continue work on 3rd boss fight
        -Finish Alraune BE H-scene
        -Animate Alicia masturbation scene
        -Work on more detail animations for Alicia
        -Create more content (areas)
        -Fix more minor issues

The list is a tad bit smaller than usual but with the amount of animation work required for the 3rd boss and the detail animations for Alicia, I'll definitely be kept busy. I still have over half a dozen detail animations for Alicia, though it's unlikely that they will all be done for this update.

That's not all I have today, though. I've been able to get some stuff done for this update in the past few days, and I wanted to show you who you'll be fighting soon! (Hopefully in this update, if I can finish the boss, but no promises there)


Her sprite still has a little bit of touching up to do, but you get the gist of it. The army that employs Alicia is the same one that the Warped Soldiers are from, so it only makes sense that they have other female soldiers in their roster - and it just so happens that the planet has been messing with her psyche a bit, too. This is the first biologically female enemy you'll be facing, meaning no hidden dick or tentacles to be found! Hope you're looking forward to it, and I'll have more updates to come in the near future!