Monday, May 26, 2014

sex concept + livestreaming

so i've been working on sex position concepts, after getting crouching implemented this morning. specifically, working on ones for the big blue guy.

the image probably explains it just fine, but how it would work is, once you start getting raped by a blue guy, it does the scene on the left. this scene continues until you push him off, he climaxes, OR another blue guy comes in. if another blue guy comes up to you while one is raping you, the scene changes, and they bend you over, stomach toward the sky, and spitroast you. this scene would likely be harder to escape, though that is up for debate.

any comments? like the idea? hate it? keep in mind they're just concepts, thus why they look unfinished. i haven't gone through the process of cleaning them up yet, so please no complaints about that. i just want to get community feedback before i actually animate it.

in other news, some of you may have noticed the new section off to the right. as it states, i set up a livestream account so you can all watch me while i'm spriting, programming, etc. i'll be using it fairly often until livestream notices the NSFW content and decides to shut it down. but until then, i'll keep the status updated, and i'll also be making an announcement post on the Unofficial Linemarvel Forums every time i start streaming.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

new prototype

hey all. sorry updates have been slow, i've been mostly working on stuff behind the scenes that nobody cares about. like the programming, lol. on a related note, new prototype time!

new features include ramps, improved movement coding, a full aiming+shooting system, sound effects, and a second, half naked set of animations. in other words, almost all basic functions are now implemented and fully functional. controls are as follows:

arrow keys - movement and aiming
Z key - jump (hold down and press to jump through thin platforms)
X key - shoot (only 3 bullets are allowed onscreen at once)
C key - diagonal aim (holding this key forces you to aim diagonally, pressing up or down changes which direction)
H key - switch between fully clothed and half naked
F4 - fullscreen
Escape - close

no h-scenes yet, but i'll be working on those soon. hope you enjoy what's there at least, and let me know if there are any bugs.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

potential redesign + skype

after getting some feedback from various sources, i've been reworking the main character sprite and color scheme to make it a bit more pleasing to the eyes - and hopefully a bit sexier, too. the main problems i saw were that her color scheme was a bit flat; the highlights on her body made her look like plastic, and the way her hair contoured to her face, along with the scowl she had, made her look far more masculine than she should.

with those changes in mind, i've redesigned her accordingly. thoughts/opinions?
in addition to that, i mentioned in an edit to my last post that i got a skype account. to be honest i haven't used skype much, so im not sure if it actually gives me a notification when anyone adds me. to be safe, if you add me, shoot me an email at to let me know what your skype handle is so i can add ya back. i'll be on skype whenever i'm working so it's more than likely you'll get sneak peaks of whatever it is i'm working on at the moment.

EDIT: here's a design for a potential enemy i worked on today, if anyone's interested.

Monday, May 19, 2014

advertisement (and basic engine)

so im interested in getting the word spread about this project. things are coming along nicely on my end and id like to see the comment count go up. anyone have any good ideas for a place i can post information to get some new viewers? i tried posting the nude designs to rule34 and gelbooru but they were both deleted for being an original character, so half of my usual demographic is dead in the water (thanks for that r34). if any of you want to send the project to your friends, family, co-workers, relatives, pets; feel free.

in other news, whoo work-in-progress-running-animation-that-was-about-6-hours-in-the-making (now updated with better boob jiggle)

final note, here's a download link to a simple engine i just spent the past hour or two on. let me know if you like the way everything feels so far.

EDIT: added my skype off to the right under contact info. feel free to get in touch

Sunday, May 18, 2014

thoughts of plots

im trying to design an outfit for this girl - who, until further notice, i am planning on using as the player character. to design her an outfit, im trying to figure out exactly WHO she is and what her goal is. im having a hard time with that part; making it believable and relatable, but still make the ultimate goal to have sex. i dont want the gameplay to be 'in the way' of enjoying the sex scenes like most H-games are.

with that said, here is my current idea:

once humankind gained the ability to travel to the stars, men were sent to new planets in an attempt to colonize and expand humanity's grasp. the plan backfired, and resulted in all males being wiped from existence/going MIA. as one of the most capable females remaining, you are sent to one of these planets in an attempt to find and rescue any surviving men, and find out what happened to them. this story would result in two possible endings - one where you avoid "alien" rape, save any men you find, and repopulate the human race. the other ending would be a scenario where, after having enough sex with the "alien" races you find on this planet, you create a sort of hybrid race between them and humans - humankind as we know it disappears, and is replaced by this hybrid race.

my goal with this ideal is that, if you simply want to play and enjoy all sex scenes, getting raped by aliens is NOT a detriment to the player. it will not kill you, you can see the sex scenes without dying, the only difference is that you will get an alternate ending. also of importance is that this ending is NOT considered a "bad" ending, just different. the 'pure' human ending would be more of a challenge ending. there would be no real content you wouldnt be able to see without doing it, but its there for players who enjoy the gameplay and want the challenge of avoiding rape.

how would you guys feel about it? does it sound like a feasible plot idea? i dont want the plot to be as paper-thin as most h-games are, although im not going for anything jrpg-deep. if you have any suggestions on how it could be improved, just plain like/dislike it, let me know.


Friday, May 16, 2014

new project?

ive been thinking.

maplesim is at a stand-still to me. after losing all of the files and being forced to rework everything, i cant find the inspiration or desire to keep working on it anymore. im not even 1/10th of the way through recreating what was lost.

in lieu of that, what would you, my loyal fanbase, think about a completely new and original project? following a similar platformer-action gameplay scheme maplesim would have taken on, i would design original characters, environments, animations, gameplay mechanics, etc etc. in essence, i would be starting from scratch.

i want all of your input on many different aspects of this: is it a good idea? what kind of character do you want to play as? boy? girl? should you be getting raped, doing the raping, getting 'rewarded' by npcs for your help? if i do start an original project, absolutely everything is up in the air for discussion, and i want all of you to be a part of the decision making so i can make the best game i can.

on a side note, for all of you wondering about my personal life, things are calming down. i might not be up to the same level of productivity i had back when i started, but i should be able to get some stuff done, at least. thanks for sticking with me.