Wednesday, June 20, 2012


i regret to inform you that my computer has kicked the bucket, and this project is going on hiatus indefinitely because of it. i have a backup of the files saved, so its not gone forever, but i have absolutely no idea when i will be able to work on it again as the funds for a new computer are nowhere near within my reach. sorry.

Monday, June 11, 2012


sorry this took so long. unfortunately, there is content missing, primarily the starling and demon slayer eye styles. i have a lot of reworking to do with the eye animations, and i havent finished them, nor have i had much time to work on this project at all, so i just decided to iron out a few things and release it.

id like to apologize ahead of time for my horrible writing. ive never tried to write ecchi dialogue, so sorry if its crappy, but hopefully it wont detract from the experience at all. if it does, feel free to rewrite it. also, sorry if there are any glitches or misplaced items or anything of the sort. i didnt have time to thoroughly playtest it again.

a few quick words about the dialogue editing:
there are currently only 2 dialogue lines for every stage right now. i will add more in the future, but i havent yet.
edit the dialogue file to reflect your own name, unless you want her to refer to you as Anon42.
all you need to edit the file is notepad. open the dialogue.ini, and then open the included cheat sheet while youre editing. there are 3 sections per dialogue line - the dialogue itself, and the eye/mouth style she will use while speaking that line. the cheat sheet contains the eye/mouth styles and the values you use for each of them. the # key indicates a line break, something youll have to make liberal use of as the dialogue does NOT automatically break lines. the maximum number of line breaks while still staying in the bubble is 2 at the moment, but if you guys really want me to ill increase the size of the dialogue bubble.

again, sorry for the wait. enjoy your fap, im going to bed. let me know if there are any game breaking problems and ill fix them as soon as i can.