Tuesday, March 24, 2015

v.09 release!

Hey there, everybody! It's (almost) the 25th, so you know what that means - update time!

Click here to download v.09 of Crisis Point: Extinction!

This update is one of the best ones Crisis Point has had so far, in my opinion. It took a lot of cramming to get it all done, but as it turns out I work well under pressure and I'm very happy with how everything turned out!

-Begin implementing Map system
-Implement checkpoint system (NOT save system)
-Implement more uses of the Wire Shot
-Add new movement stance (limping) to be used for various status effects -- partially complete
-Add flies cumming animation
-Add new enemy (Latchers)
-Custom controls will now be saved in 'keys.ini', and should function with future versions of the game
-New music for Summit and Worm boss
-Create more content (areas)
-Fix more minor issues

Like last time, I'll be listing the minor changes at the end of this post, for those of you who are interested in them. As you can see, the changelog is probably the biggest one that Crisis Point has ever seen, and there are some pretty important functions that a lot of people have been looking forward to. I hope you guys enjoy it! As for what the future will bring..

-Enable Pausing function (will require large system reworks)
-Finish implementing Map system
-Add new enemy (cumshooter)
-Finish Limping animation
-Begin working on new boss
-Improve Latcher animation
-Create more content (areas)
-Fix more minor issues

As usual, v.10 is coming out for patrons in about a week, so for those of you who want to be a part of it, now's a great time to join the campaign! Either way, I hope you enjoy v.09, and v.10 will be going public on the 25th of April!

Minor Issues fixed in v.09
-Door straight ahead in first slime room has been changed into force shot wall to provide better flow
-Enemy reaction to Wire Shot platforms moving was wonky
-Flies buffed (more knockdown, faster attack speed)
-Added sound effect & music credits
-Added new struggle system to non-rape struggles
-Made boss fight start up faster
-Some rooms weren't persistent, had respawning ammo upgrades
-Pants in jumping animation were inconsistent with standing
-Made Alicia move backwards when kicking enemy near the wall, rather than forwards
-Increased boss damage, lowered boss HP, to result in faster fight
-Attempted fix at random H-scene crashes
-No longer possible to get knocked back behind laser gate and be unable to progress