Saturday, October 25, 2014

v.04 public release

Hey everybody! Sorry for posting a bit later than usual, but it's time for the public v.04 update! Unfortunately I'm exhausted as all hell and currently running on fumes, so the actual post from me will be brief and also copy-pasted between the different forums I update on. Sorry for the temporary laziness, pls to be forgiving <3

Download v.04 here!
And here's a list of all the major things I accomplished in v.04.

-Add in Force Shot upgrade
-Add sliding
-Update crouching animation
-New HUD
-Design, animate, and prep enemies for combat (tentacles)
-Add in lighting system
-Improve camera
-Fix the visual glitches zoom-in is causing
-More sex animations (tentacles, slime duo)
-Create more content (areas), begin re-tiling areas

Some of you may notice that last one, "begin re-tiling areas". That is because, in light of Dace leaving the project, I began working with another artist last month, an extremely talented fellow named Orexius. He did a fucking fantastic job of plowing through the necessary tiles and getting them ready for the v.04 update, but there unfortunately wasn't enough time for me to re-tile every room, as he joined in the last week or so before the update. Because of that, some rooms will be the older tiles that Dace made - but hopefully you'll agree with me that the newly tiled rooms look fantastic, and fit the style of Crisis Point better than ever.

Once you've finished enjoying the v.04 update, here's a list of the things you can look forward to when v.05 comes out:

-Add in melee attack
-Add in a non-knockdown "taking damage" animation
-Design, animate, and prep enemies for combat (Warped Soldier)
-More sex animations (Warped Soldier)
-Begin designing first boss (won't be accessible ingame yet)
-Re-code collision engine
-Implement customizable controls
-Finish HUD
-Create more content (areas), finish re-tiling areas, introduce new environment

If any of that sounds enticing, now's the time to pop over to the Patreon campaign and join up - only Patrons who have joined before the month ends will be able to access the v.05 update before it goes public!
(Sorry to keep spewing rhetoric with that, I just want to make sure there's no confusion about the new distribution system I'm using.)

Anyway, that's enough out of me. I'm tired and retreating under the sheets for a nice nap. Enjoy the game, everybody!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Force Shot

A new month has begun, and that means a new Patreon update - which means last month's development updates will be making their way to the public. Let's begin with an update that was very exciting for me, personally.
(Make sure you view it as an mp4 for smoother quality)

This is a link showing off the special effect I pulled off for Alicia's new upgrade, the Force Shot. Upon firing, the Force Shot zooms forward for a short distance before 'exploding.' Rather than a traditional gunpowder-fueled explosion, however, the Force Shot is a heavily-condensed ball of kinetic energy - for simplicity's sake, referred to as 'force'. The intense amount of energy being released is what causes the distortion effect seen above. This blast of force deals heavy damage to enemies caught in it, and is powerful enough to knock down weakened walls and floors. It comes with limited ammunition - which can be upgraded by finding upgrade capsules scattered around the environment.