Saturday, November 3, 2012

catastrophic systems failure

i am sad to announce that the day maplesim comes to an end was oh so much sooner than i ever anticipated.

long story short, my computer is once again dead, and all the files for maplesim are gone along with it. i unfortunately did not have a recent version backed up, and the most recent one is so outdated that it just wouldnt be worth it to redo everything again. ive been busy as all hell, and that isnt going to change anytime soon.

i am so sorry to all of my fans, but i have too much going on in my life right now to rework everything again just to get it back to this point. 0.7 will be the last version of maplesim.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012


jesus fucking christ have i been busy. no, not with maplesim - i barely got any time to work on it, hence the late-ass update. so, sorry for that. hope it was worth the wait.

-You can now save your current girl and load her easily later.
-Alternate Doggystyle animation, with her arms being pulled back (as pictured above.)
-Zoom in (finally!) Note that zooming in disables dialogue, due to lack of screen space.
-Angelica, Black Dual Blade, Bowlcut, Kitty Ears, Cygnus, Disheveled, Nymph, and Rose hairstyles added.
-Various layer issues fixed (more hairs should now work well with elf ears.)
-Third "no ears" option added for ears (looks like shit with most hairstyles; mostly added for the kitty ears.)
-Finally fixed the glitch where the doggystyle orgasm sound only played twice. It should now play 3 times like the others.

and i think thats about it. damn, the last blog post almost got to 100 comments, too. woulda been nice, but i cant deprive my adoring public any longer. happy fapping.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

0.65 reupload

mediafire is no longer safe, everybody evacuate the premises immediately!

okay, going back over my mediafire account, it looks like every file except 0.6a was deleted. guess mediafire is getting serious about censoring files.

in any case, i reuploaded it temporarily, despite the fact that it seems likely it will be deleted soon. anybody know any good, alternate upload sites i could start using instead for future updates?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


i finally present to you, version 0.65! aka, version 'jesus christ, remind me never to modify the eyes again!'

10+ hours of work and tedium later, and everything is finally ported to the new system. yes, thats right, all 3 eye styles are now in working order once again! sorry it took so long, but holy hell it was a pain in the ass. just check out the dialogue ini compared to the last one and youll see why.

update feature list:
-3 fully working eye styles (Female Eyes 5, Dark Charisma, Starling)
-full control of female expression during any and all scenes (exception being when the mouth is occupied - during oral or fellatio, you cannot modify her mouth animations)
-individual control of each eye and eyebrow for all scenes, aka: HETEROCHROMIA FUCK YEAH
-11 new hairstyles (Silver Grey Highlights (Mercedes hair,) Caspia, Female Evan, Wild Hunter, Jean, Darling Diva, Lovely Ladyhawk, Lively Wave, Maidens Weave, Wavy Ponytail, Winry Rockbell)
-new program included that allows you to automatically rewrite the name in the dialogue.ini to whatever name you choose
-sound effect volume control (toggle between full volume, half volume, or muted)
-dialogue should no longer pop up in the middle of saving a screen capture, although if you wait to start it until the dialogue is onscreen it should stay
-screen capture is disabled during orgasms (for now, at least)

..and i think thats it. phew. let me know if there are any issues and ill fix them asap. until then, happy fapping.

Monday, August 27, 2012

good news

two quick things.

1) i found a significantly faster way of adding new hairstyles. i can finish adding a single hairstyle in 10-20 minutes now, depending on the complexity of it, so keep those suggestions coming.

2) i decided on a way to rework the eyes system. it gives you much more freedom, and should make it easier on me as well.

basically, im separating the controls for each eye, as well as eyebrows - which yes, gives the added bonus of sexy, sexy heterochromia. it also means that youll have to set up the values for both eyes and both eyebrows individually when editing dialogue, but itll result in much more freedom in the amount of ways you can make her face look.

i decided on this just now when adding caspia hair, because it turns out, with the way the eyes are currently set up, the eye that is uncovered by the hair is the one that gets shut during some poses, so it ends up looking awkward. thus, this system will correct that, and give you individual control over each eye and each eyebrow for any given pose. im also going to add in controls to allow you to modify her face during actual sex scenes instead of just when dialogue is active, so youll be able to change her mood completely if you dont want the current 'starts out unsure but ends up loving it' attitude. it will also take some time to get into place, but itll be well worth it.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

adding new hairstyles

short post.
havent worked on anything for a while, gonna add some new hairstyles soon. let me know which hairs you want, as well as new features youd like to see, like usual.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

0.6a (and questions)

without further ado, i present to you 0.6a, now with extra paizuri.

the biggest addition by far with this update is, in fact, the paizuri animation. in my personal opinion, its about a dozen times better than the other two combined, although i may be a bit biased. regardless, as an apology to you all for leaving for so long, i put extra effort into making the animation look great. hopefully it payed off.

there are also a few other things added, such as new mouth animations, a screen capture system (be warned, it WILL NOT capture orgasms fully yet,) and a few fixed errors (like the incorrect nipple color on the dark skin during doggystyle.) i honestly didnt do as much beta testing as i should have though, so let me know if you find any errors in here and ill fix them up asap.

unfortunately, i wasnt able to get the other eye styles working. i might need to do yet another overhaul of the system, in general theyre just kind of a pain to deal with. it takes an assload of time to add in new eye styles, as there are literally hundreds of different images for each individual eye style, because of all the different colors and poses they can be in. its not particularly difficult, just tedious as all hell. in any case, whether i can figure out a new system or not, ill try and do my best to add add them in the next major update; i think im going to focus small for now and maybe add a few other hairs or something, rather than going for another new animation.

in other news, ive been thinking. and if blogspot would let me put up a poll (hint: it wont) then it would make this a lot easier, but instead ill just ask here and put up a poll later when its feeling more cooperative.

If I were to make an original hentai game (unrelated to maplestory,) how would you prefer it?
-Play as a Male character, receiving sexual rewards for helping female NPCs.
-Play as a Female character, getting raped by enemies if you get hit.
-Other (Please specify in the comments or in an email.)
-None of the above, I'm not interested in the idea.

thats all for now, my beloved troglodytes. happy fapping.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

quick update

okay, the fan response has made it clear this project is worth continuing. i dont have much to say other than thanks to all of you for being so patient, and for the support and kindness you always show, thats what makes it worth doing for me. that and the ever satisfying fap after a job well done.

also, ill stop keeping updates a secret from everyone, ive had my fun with that. as usual, let me know if theres anything in particular you want to see added, and ill do my best to respond whether or not i plan to add it or not. ill try and get the other 2 eyes working again for the next update, but im not sure if ill get around to it. but for now, back to working on the paizuri animation.

EDIT: if anybody has questions or comments theyd rather ask personally, or if you just want to chat, feel free to add me on msn at, or just email me. msn would probably catch my attention quicker though. also, new progress list on the right side, yay. im not listing menial things like new hairstyles, but the bigger additions im working on will be listed there from now on, and the percentages periodically updated when i feel like it.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

head count

so how many people are still interested in this project? i could technically start working on it again soon, but the computer im going to be using isnt exactly ideal and it might slow me down a little bit, but it wouldnt be too horrible. id be willing to do it if there are enough people anticipating updates, but public interest in this project seemed to have waned a lot after the first few updates.

so yeah. if youre still interested, let me know now.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


i regret to inform you that my computer has kicked the bucket, and this project is going on hiatus indefinitely because of it. i have a backup of the files saved, so its not gone forever, but i have absolutely no idea when i will be able to work on it again as the funds for a new computer are nowhere near within my reach. sorry.

Monday, June 11, 2012


sorry this took so long. unfortunately, there is content missing, primarily the starling and demon slayer eye styles. i have a lot of reworking to do with the eye animations, and i havent finished them, nor have i had much time to work on this project at all, so i just decided to iron out a few things and release it.

id like to apologize ahead of time for my horrible writing. ive never tried to write ecchi dialogue, so sorry if its crappy, but hopefully it wont detract from the experience at all. if it does, feel free to rewrite it. also, sorry if there are any glitches or misplaced items or anything of the sort. i didnt have time to thoroughly playtest it again.

a few quick words about the dialogue editing:
there are currently only 2 dialogue lines for every stage right now. i will add more in the future, but i havent yet.
edit the dialogue file to reflect your own name, unless you want her to refer to you as Anon42.
all you need to edit the file is notepad. open the dialogue.ini, and then open the included cheat sheet while youre editing. there are 3 sections per dialogue line - the dialogue itself, and the eye/mouth style she will use while speaking that line. the cheat sheet contains the eye/mouth styles and the values you use for each of them. the # key indicates a line break, something youll have to make liberal use of as the dialogue does NOT automatically break lines. the maximum number of line breaks while still staying in the bubble is 2 at the moment, but if you guys really want me to ill increase the size of the dialogue bubble.

again, sorry for the wait. enjoy your fap, im going to bed. let me know if there are any game breaking problems and ill fix them as soon as i can.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

customizable dialogue

i started work on a customizable dialogue system today. at the moment, its fully functioning and i havent run into any problems, but its also largely incomplete, and probably wont see a public release for at least a few days, depending on how much i work on it.

right now, its functions allow you to write dialogue and determine the females eye/mouth animation during each individual line. the # symbol breaks the current line, although the dialogue bubble does not resize itself, so it requires some trial and error to get the line fitting correctly. the mouth and eye selections are purely numerical, so ill have a chart made eventually that shows which eye and mouth is which number. it wont be the most user friendly thing in the world but its the best i can do.
currently, the dialogue is chosen at random from one of 2 selections, but i plan to add more to make it around 6 per stage (the stages being the different speeds of the act.) unfortunately, i dont know a way to make the dialogue choices unlimited, so when its released youll also only be able to use 6 different lines for each stage as well. hopefully that wont detract too much from the feature, although i can add more selections if you guys really want me to, its just tedious work.
i plan to add both sequential and random dialogue selections; sequential would go from dialogue 1 to 6 in each stage, then automatically continue to the next stage, and random is pretty obvious. i can probably make it so sequential allows you to dictate a dialogue line that will skip to the next stage, so you dont HAVE to have 6 lines in each and every stage, but im not sure yet, ill try and figure it out when i get around to it.

if you have any suggestions regarding the dialogue system, or just features you would like implemented, dont hesitate to leave a comment about it - no suggestion is a bad one (except futa. those of you wanting futa, look elsewhere.)

P.S.  for those of you who follow me regularly, know that i will be very much inactive during most of june. i have prior obligations and i wont have much time to work on the project or update this blog. ill do my best to push this release before i go inactive, but if it doesnt happen, you know why.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

update 2

this is the update I WANTED to give you today. it was hindered by lack of orgasm sfx but i found a decent one. what can i say, i work fast when im horny.

dont get too used to me updating at this speed though, i need to get back to doing other things. this has been my sole focus for the past 3 or 4 days, so updates will still come, but probably not as frequently.


Saturday, May 26, 2012


now featuring 15 hairstyles and 3 eyes, each with their full color sets, 3 skin colors, and pointed ears. and a lot of behind-the-scenes shit you guys wouldnt care about.

another update will come soon after i can find a damn ejaculation sound effect, but in the meantime, grab your dick and double click, for pooorn, pooorn, pooorn

EDIT: rofl forgot the link

Thursday, May 24, 2012


any of you magnificent bastards know where to get halfway decent sex noises? penetration/moaning/orgasm/etc.


UPDATE: keep those hair requests coming people, i havent updated the mediafire link on here but i already finished adding in all requested hairstyles. eyes are a bit slower as they require more animation so dont expect too many of those any time soon, but hair only takes 20-40 minutes per style to implement, depending on layer complexity.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

the beginning of a new era

for those of you who dont know me, and arent too bright, im anon_42, and i specialize in maplestory sprite pornographic animations. if you find that sort of thing offensive, leave a comment letting me know, and i promise to angrily masturbate to pixellated tits in your honor.

now that the pleasantries are out of the way, let me start off by saying: BLOGSPOT, WHERE THE FUCK IS MY SEGOE UI? you guys are bad, and you should feel bad. my disappointment is almost palpable.

i feel it is my duty to inform those diligent enough to actually notice this blog of a little project you should be looking forward to. i still havent decided how large-scale it will be, but the image attached should give you at least an idea. i wont say much but it should be easy enough to figure out, for those of you who know my track record. i will say, however, that it is closely tied to my most recent update, - for those of you who missed this link, it was posted in my most recent animation on rule34.

i urge those of you interested to comment telling me your top 3 female eyes and hairstyles in maplestory, preferably with pictures of them if possible (i used bannedstory 4 for character graphics, and some of them are unnamed, especially the eye styles.)

more info updates soon.