Tuesday, February 24, 2015

v.08 release!

Hey guys! It's time for the v.08 release today, but first I have some news to share.

Blogger recently sent out a mass message informing anyone with a blog marked NSFW that their content policies regarding sexually explicit material is changing. On March 23rd, any content that exists solely to be sexually exciting will no longer be allowed. Now, the email was phrased vaguely (as is the norm), so it's possible that it won't really have much of an impact on my blog, but it is very possible that I'll need to migrate to a new service. I'm considering Tumblr at the moment, but I haven't fully decided yet.

I'll have more info on this soon, but I wanted to let you know what was up ahead of time. Now enough of that, and on to the release!

Click here to download v.08 of Crisis Point: Extinction!

-Implement Spread Shot upgrade
-Finish Wire Shot upgrade
-Add new enemy (Flies)
-Implement menu to disable objectionable content
-Update boss fight, modify difficulty
-Add floating platforms for Wire Shot
-Create more content (areas)
-Over a dozen minor issues fixed

For those of you interested in the minor issues, I'll go over the more interesting ones at the end of the post. Some of them were things I had been meaning to fix for ages and just kept forgetting about. Now, for the v.09 goals!

-Begin implementing Map system
-Implement checkpoint system (NOT save system)
-Implement more uses of the Wire Shot
-Add new movement stance (limping) to be used for various status effects
-Add flies cumming animation
-Add new enemy (Latchers)
-Create more content (areas)
-Fix more minor issues

v.09 is a pretty ambitious update, and it's due to come out in a few days for Patrons. These last few days are going to be a bit of a time crunch for me, but I think I can manage to get everything done! For those of you interested in joining the Patreon campaign, remember that only people pledging before the 1st of the month will get access to the update before it goes Public.

In any case, I'm pretty proud of how v.08 turned out, especially with all the stress of the month, between taxes and applying for health insurance and all sorts of stuff. I hope you guys enjoy it

Minor Issues fixed in v.08
-Slimes still spawn items when killed by leaving zone
-Slimes jump animation when kicked is sometimes incorrectly timed
-Items do not disappear after changing zones
-Arrows do not damage enemies
-Tentacle activation radius should be slightly bigger
-Arrow traps need 'cooldown' timer after being triggered
-Some areas too dark in windowed mode, adjust lighting levels
-Player can stand up while crouching underneath something by using Aim button
-HP collectible spawn chance doesn't scale properly
-Boss particles hard to see in windowed
-Moans for slime duo rape are incorrect
-Accidentally struggling at start of rape is too easy; input delay window at start of animation