Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Tentacle GO video + Important information

Hey there everybody! Thanks for sitting tight since the v.23 release. I have a few things to post today.

First off, the promised public video release of the Tentacle Game Over scene. I have no idea if this video will be pulled or not, but with any luck they won't care about it and it'll stay up - go ahead and check it out here!

This is pretty much how every Game Over scene in the game will play out, sort of a faux-Visual Novel style with still CGs and simple effects. In the most recent release (v.23), there are 3 of them; Tentacles, Slimes, and Warped Soldiers.

Second, I have some unfortunate information to share.

One of my long-time patrons came to me recently and asked why he hadn't received the latest update after it came out, since I promised to give the update to everyone who had pledged enough during the few months with no updates. I had already sent out the update to everyone, so I was just as confused as he was. After looking into things, it turns out that Patreon recently changed their systems, and added the most amazingly idiotic 'feature' I've ever seen - when a patron cancels their pledge, every piece of information relating to them is PERMANENTLY REMOVED from my Patron Manager. This means that I have no fucking records of everyone who has pledged to me over the past two years, except for those people who are pledged right now. I've already gotten in contact with Patreon support about this but I'm still waiting on a reply to see if they have any way to help. I'm writing down every bit of information I can find about people who are pledged, but there are undoubtedly scores of people I'm missing.

If you've pledged to me at ANY point in time, PLEASE find a way to take a screenshot proving that you've donated at least $10 total throughout development, and either email or PM it to me, along with the email you want your eventual copy of the game sent to. I desperately want to fulfill my promise of free copies of the game to any of you who have supported me that much, and I'll be writing down pledges as often as I can going forward so this can't screw my plans over again, but as of now, I have no way to get a list of everyone who has pledged in the past anymore.

For contact, you can either reach me by PM on ULMF, or at my work email:
Please send proof of your previous pledges, as well as the email you want me to write down to send the eventual full release to!

Now that that's out of the way, there's only one question left: I wonder who this lady is..?


Monday, August 8, 2016

v.23 release

(This is a direct copy/paste from Patreon, where the update went live last night)

So v.23 is finally finished. After I finish writing up this post, I'll be sending out a manual link to everyone who has pledged at the appropriate tiers since v.22 came out - just in case people stopped pledging during this period. To those of you still pledging, however, I'll post a download link to the game in another post shortly that you can access it from as well!
The changelog for this update is a lot smaller than I would have liked, considering how very long it took. Unfortunately, most of that time I wasn't able to actively develop the game - thus this update isn't quite the culmination of several months of effort. However, I tried to prioritize some of the more substantial elements, and hopefully you guys will still be able to find a lot to love about it (like the new voices for sprite sex scenes)! In any case, I'll have a full month of uninterrupted work to develop the next update, since things in my personal life have calmed down. I'm confident that it will be a much more substantial update than this one.
UPDATE v.23 CHANGES-Warped Soldier CG/Game Over scene added-Implement new powerup (flamethrower)-All of Alicia's ingame voice clips replaced by Alicia's official voice actress-Fix more minor issues 
As for next month..
UPDATE v.24 GOALS-Finish BE H-animations for Warped Sentry-Finish gamepad menu controls and options-Warped Scientist CG/Game Over scene added-Implement new powerup-Allow enemies + certain environment pieces to catch on fire via Flare Shot-Add extra polish/more variety to new voice clips-Create more content (areas)-Fix more minor issues
As you can probably tell, my plans if nothing else are definitely a bit more ambitious. I feel like I need to make the dead air up to you guys though, so I'm gonna try my best to get it all done.
Well, that's enough from me for today. Thank you all so much for your support, as always - and I hope you enjoy v.23!-A42 

UPDATE v.23 MINOR ISSUES-Alicia can no longer kick beyond room boundaries-Alicia can no longer remove status effects by briefly masturbating-Alicia should not longer get stuck inside low ceilings during certain actions-Riding a moving platform into a wall should no longer cause Alicia to get stuck-Being mid-sex animation while screen transitioning no longer locks Alicia's animations-Opening and closing the map underwater should no longer reset Alicia's in-water state-Insect BE scenes should be functional again-Jump key to end the boss' GO scene should now function properly-Holding down while jumping will allow you to pass through ghost platforms without landing on them-New logo added to menu-Pausing and unpausing will no longer cause nearby doors to close (possibly on top of Alicia)-Pausing and unpausing should no longer cause certain breakables to be destroyed

That update is available now for anyone pledged $10 or higher. There are a few minor bugs in it, but nothing too gamebreaking has been discovered yet. As for everyone who hasn't been a patron recently; now that I finally finished this update, I'll be posting a recording of the Tentacle GO scene soon - I wanted to focus on getting this update out first, but I wanted to post that afterwards so you all know what to expect from the GO scenes. Every enemy will have one, and they're all fully voice acted (not including the hellhound scene, which will unfortunately not have voice acting per Diana's request), with CGs by LustFire. For those of you worried that a Game Over scene will give the player incentive to die against every new enemy they encounter, don't worry - in a future update, you'll also be able to access the scenes by killing that enemy type ONCE, and then it'll pop up in a gallery accessible from the pause menu. No need to even go back to the main menu; once implemented, you'll be able to kill the enemy, watch the scene from the menu, and then continue on right where you left off no worse for the wear.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Good news!

Hey everybody. Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Last month was exceedingly slow for work, for reasons explained in the last post. However, that doesn't mean there's nothing to show. As a matter of fact, there are two things in particular that I'd like to share with you.

First off, have a listen to this:

You can probably get the gist of things from that alone. Welcome Diana Lockhart, who will be providing her voice for Crisis Point as the official voice of Alicia! This opens up a lot of doors for me; instead of using stock voice clips, I'll be able to make sure the sex scene voices are much higher quality, as well as (hopefully) giving the game full voice acting! So far she's done a wonderful job on all the work I've given her, and I can't wait to see what else she'll bring to the table.

If you're reading this, you've probably already noticed the second thing I want to share:

Crisis Point: Extinction is officially getting CGs! I've teamed up with a talented artist named LustFire, who some of you may know from ULMF, where he's worked on a few smaller games in the past. He will officially be providing CGs for the game, and we're working hard on catching up and getting CGs available for every enemy thus far. In the coming update, this CG will be available - along with 5 other variations of it.

In Crisis Point, when you Game Over against an enemy, you'll be given the option to view a GO sequence. These sequences will be fully voice-acted, and contain a non-animated CG'd sex scene showing what happens to Alicia after her loss. (Don't worry, no death involved!)

In the future I may release some more voice clips, or a video showcasing one of these sequences; for now though, welcome LustFire to the team, and enjoy the first ever official Crisis Point CG!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Bad news

Hi everyone. I'm, uh.. not really sure how to say this, so I guess I'll just get it out in the open. I'm sure you've noticed I haven't really been around or posted much since the v.20 release; at first, that was just because I was taking a break from work for a bit. But that should've ended by now. Instead, I learned a few days ago that my father has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. I'm in the middle of trying to figure out travel plans to go and see him, and I've been really up and down at any given moment, so I haven't really gotten much work done. I'm still going to try my best to get some content for you guys by March, but the update is probably going to be smaller than usual. Sorry for any disappointment. I'll keep you posted on my plans in the coming weeks.

Friday, February 5, 2016

v.20 release

(As always, the playable update talked about here is Patreon-exclusive; there is no public download)

Hey everybody! First off, I'm sorry this update was delayed so long. January was a crazy month for me, and February seems like it's going to be more or less the same. Hopefully it won't interfere with work as much this month, though. Here's what I managed to get done:

-Implement subweapon functions against the Warped Sentry (Force Shot, Wire Shot)
-Animate and Implement the Hellhound enemy (1 H-scene so far; no climax yet)
-Implement actual debug menu instead of keyboard shortcuts
-Create more content (areas) [5]
-Fix more minor issues

Unfortunately, as you can probably see, I had to move several things from this update into next month so I could finish it - and it still ended up 5 days late. Still, there's a new (highly requested) enemy with an H-loop, and the Warped Sentry is combat complete now! She's definitely the most intricate enemy the game has had yet, with a bunch of different ways to deal with her in combat, which is largely why she took so long to create. The Hellhound was very simple in comparison, but I only had enough time to get his H-loop done; he'll get a climax scene in the next update. Speaking of which..

-Finish BE H-animations for Warped Sentry
-Finish H-animations for Hellhound
-Implement new powerup
-Move keyboard shortcuts (such as Minimap and Fullscreen) to options menu
-Create more content (areas)
-Fix more minor issues

Here are my goals for the next month. I'm hoping I'm not reaching too far with the amount of H-animations I want to get done, but I'll do my best to make them all happen! With any luck I'll be able to make up for this update's lateness by delivering a great update in March. I'll let you guys know when I'm going to be starting streams again; it should be within the next week or so.

-Shooting while crouching now properly reflects the position of the gun
-Alicia can no longer leave crouch while using the Wire Shot
-Finally organized my files even though noone cares about this part
-Bandaged a minor bug in the collision code
-Fixed the wire shot disconnecting from the gun during certain animations
-Animation bug when Alicia slides into a Latcher fixed
-Buffed blue slime damage
-Fixed bug where enemies would not knock Alicia down when she's grabbed by Latcher
-Fixed bug where Alicia's arm was still clothed when shooting during BE